InsurTech Singularity

Launch your product on the world's
leading insurance platform for building,
integrating, and launching digital insurance.

Build Anything Insurance

Battle tested from the bottom up to deliver the rails you need to build the future of insurance.

Boilerplate Insurance

Engage insureds on your terms

  • Create anything on a cloud-based solution for all websites and landing pages.
  • Provide access to customer's policies, and integrate certificates and endorsement requests.
  • Deliver full checkout capability and create any workflow needed for checkout.

Technology has been slow to adapt to the needs of the broker, resulting in many making their own implementations, while others have only wished they could afford to have the tools to compete. The time is now to build the next generation of insurance.

Quote Bind Issue

Build your own insurtech

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“We had an opportunity to build a program, but didn't have the experience to do full quote bind issue. Our team was able to use the building blocks in place to build what we needed to deliver our own program. This IS the future.”

Sam Castronova, Executive Director, EZBind Insurance
Open Platform

Full code control

  • Utilize your JavaScript knowledege to build the future
  • Build an innovation an deploy it anywhere along our policy lifecycle
  • Retail to reinsurers can plug existing technology for mass comsumption

Our building blocks will help you build what you want, without having to know all the complaince and complex insurance workflows. Already have that mastered and just want to maximize your flexibility by abstracting your integration layers...we have it all.

Insurance APIs

Over 20 years of insurance technology is now available for you to glutton!

insurEco ID

Be an insurEco Innovator

Bring your great idea to life and get the support of an industry.

Insurance Pros Ready

We have a group of insurance professionals who are positioning their businesses to flow on a singular lifecycle so they can consume the best insurance innovations on the planet. Save precious captial and market directly through our PlugINS marketplace.

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Become an insurTech ninja

Creating the latest innovation is hard enough, but you also are faced with complaince and regulations you may not know about. Relying on building blocks that already operate as the industry expects and requires.

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Concept to Deployment

Support is always there for you from the time that you think you are on to something, all the way to when you are trying to get agencies to use your new tech baby. Trust is a lot of work. :)

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Key Features

Tech and ecosystems aren't new to us, and that is what make us the best

100+ Templates
The best boilerplate for insurTech.
Any Platform
Reach Web, Mobile, Tablet, iPhone and Android.
You Code
Load your code for policy workflow execution.
Your Designs
Complete control over experience and branding.
Built In Messaging
Ecast messaging platform to handle all the back and forth.
Broadcast Events
Subscribe to lifecycle events to trigger any system or worflow.
Configurations will marry your code to the primary network.
Free Support
We want to help you succeed and will provide free support.
Market Search
Provide real-time market access to your personas.
Policy Issuance
Use our policy issue engine to build any policy with ease.
E-commerce Pages
Design your checkout and use policyPay to for processing.
Build Components
Chain innovations to others to create something new.

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